Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash

I spend a lot of time alone.

Being a traveling entrepreneur and digital nomad during a pandemic (which at the time of this writing is 8 months old) has me spending hours and hours at a time inside the RV reading, learning, creating, and typing on the keyboard.

This is something that I have had to get acquainted with because it goes against everything that I am.

Before the pandemic I would mosey around town finding different locations to work – Coffee shops, bookstores, park picnic tables, libraries, and co-working spaces. As a self proclaimed vagabond, and creative, changes in scenery has always been necessary for my sanity.

While practicing self quarantine, you may move from room to room – I move from couch to table (both sides) to outside chair.  All are within 5 feet of each other but each spot provides a different view. Every couple of days I have to go outside and see something different, even if it means driving around with Wayne while he is working.

We obviously only have one tow vehicle and the motorhome.  And I am not cruising to town in a 31 foot tiny house.

The situation works for now. But I do get lonely.

If you were to ask me one thing I could not live without it would have to be music. The new tech has also proved to be very compatible with this lifestyle.  You will always find me with Pandora on my phone that is hotspotted to my laptop and bluetoothed to a digital speaker.

In the morning I pull up guided meditations on YouTube, or play a list of Happy tunes to get me dancing.

Once I begin writing, Pandora plays music for studying, or other mellow classical tunes.

If building or updating a website, I love the Coffee Shop channel or Mostly Acoustical Classics Radio on Pandora.  Funny how the term “classical” can mean baroque music being played by an orchestra, or tunes I listened to on LP’s as a teenager. Should I feel old?

While cooking or just messing around the RV I may turn on something more upbeat depending on the mood.  Might be Willie Nelson or Aerosmith or Tom Petty.  Sometimes I like the Rat Pack Radio station – some of you know what that is.

This 3 x 7 inch cell phone also serves as my university.  Most of my professional development is done sitting on the couch with the phone propped up on the couch table, turning off the video on Zoom calls because I am still in my comfy clothes at noon.

Music and media have become very important to my life, but when I get the chance, I still like to “go.”

As I end this short post I am listening to Pure Prairie League’s song, Amie.  My leg is bouncing to the beat. Life is good (if you are adaptable to constant change).