Transition to a life of financial freedom and location freedom.

Having the freedom to go where I want, when I want and with whom I want is the greatest feeling in the world.

For many years I struggled not knowing that the life I was living was making me miserable.  I would get a job, rise to the top, and then quit.

There was no one in my inner circle that realized that I was wired to be an entrepreneur, not work to help some other entrepreneur get rich. In fact, the word entrepreneur was not in my vocabulary.

As I was quitting jobs, I also moved from place to place every 3 to 5 years.  I do not mean from one apartment to another, I mean from one end of the country to another. Staying in one place too long made me miserable. It put pressure on relationships with my family who also did not understand.

In my mind, everyone thought I was a failure, including myself.

We struggled each time I quit a job and not everyone loves to move to a new place as much as I do.

I quit my last job in 1997 finally realizing that I must work for myself to be happy.  I needed the freedom to go away for a few days when the feeling hit. Or create a fabulous project when I saw a need in the marketplace, without being turned down by upper management.

While living in Florida, I would want to hit the beach.  In Colorado, I would want to go up in the mountains when the valley got too hot.  In Tennessee, I would want to go to the Blueridge Parkway when the leaves were at peak fall colors. Every new place I lived brought new opportunities to explore.

This did not fit into the typical one week off per year scenario that most employers offer.

The biggest thing that contributed to my unhappiness was mindset.  I was trying to fit into the environment I was born into.  Work for 30 years as a civil servant (both of my parents worked for the government and my brothers both were in the military), earn a pension and retire to Florida, where we vacationed every single year.

Just poke a stick in my eyes.

I fought this model for years and made my parents miserable.  They did not have the entrepreneurial spirit at all, and no one in my immediate family did either. No one really understood me.

I fought this mindset for as long as I can remember.

At the age of 13, a friend and I caught a Greyhound Bus in St. Louis and went to Daytona Beach (that is the place I knew of at the time). I do not remember being scared, but my parents must have been.

I made my parents feel all sorts of emotions – fear, anger, disappointment.

In my 30’s I started to read self-help books.  I know, sounds corny, but it was the only way I was introduced to the concept of being self-employed.

Over the years I started and failed at many projects.  I call them projects because I never really made a real business out of anything. I needed mentors but felt I could not afford them. The only knowledge I had at the time about mentors was that you paid them tons of money for their time.

This is another mindset issue that needed to change.

Fast forward to the year 2000.  I had spent three years searching for projects and contracts and felt good about the work I was doing – at the time.

That was another mindset issue – I associated work with success. Having clients does not equate to personal fulfillment.

Then came the next epiphany.  I was not going to work for money.  What? I mean, I would not take on work for the sake of making money.  It must match my personal values and be morally sound.

What I exchange my time for must provide financial freedom and location freedom.

Back to the story – in 2000 we (me and my husband Wayne) sold everything, bought a little 19-foot travel trailer, and drove from Colorado to Alaska.  We put over 300,000 miles on that trailer and over 600,000 miles on two vehicles that towed it for 19 years. We roamed around Alaska for 12 of those years.

The feeling of freedom to roam and work wherever my laptop lands is tremendous. I no longer need to worry how my family will feel if I quit another job or pick up the family and move across the country.  In fact, I know that at least one of them is jealous of the life we created.

Last year we bought a new 31 foot motorhome and are still on our adventure.

Who knows where I would be if I had not changed my old mindset that was formed in my early childhood?

Having location freedom has its challenges because we do not fit into societal norms.  But that is why I am here.  To help you make the transition to a life that allows you to build a business and allow the wheels on the RV to go round and round.

Stay tuned to this series as we discuss steps to get you into a life you design.